COB LED Module Light 5W/10W/15W M6224

COB LED Module Light 5W/10W/15W M6224

Production Features:

Lifespan: The upgrade of GU10,heatsink is larger than GU10, the heat dissipation effect of the module is better, and the lifespan is prolonged.

Light efficiency: There are many options for the beam of the module, which can meet various lighting needs, while the viewing angle of GU10 is relatively single

Brightness:power up to 20W. It can meet the wattage requirements of various scenes. The maximum number of GU10 is only about 7W. It can’t meet the scenes for high power request

Production Specification:

Model No.:  M6224


Power: 5W/10W/15W

Beam angle: 15°/24°/36°

CCT: All Color Range

Size: diamension 50mm

Dimmable: yes

Material:Diacasting aluminium

Application:Jewelry display,Fashion shop, chain store, shopping mall, show room , art galleries